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Why nxCricket?

A member of our team usually scores cricket matches and discovered that on match day people are reluctant to volunteer for scoring – mostly because of apprehension in filling scoring pad. One day, in 2009, with the surge of smart phone usage and absence of a scoring app, we decided to develop a scoring app enabling anyone at any level to score a match, thus nxCricket was born. Since then we have taken feedback from our users and developed it further to make scoring easy and fun.

Compared to paper based system you now have instant access to statistics so when a batsman comes off the pitch you can tell their score instantly, instead of frantically trying to add up. With nxCricket, no more spending your evening collating the results/statistics from various matches instead, you can email the report as soon as the match is completed.

We now have 2 exciting apps, nxCricket (for iPhones) and nxCricket-hd (for iPads).

Here is an amazing example of a match report produced by our app, click here to see.


Exquisite & Flexible


Guided scoring
Fully editable
Add Team member during match
Help screens


Match formats
Batting order
Wagon Wheel
Bowling line and length
Over per Inning
Ball per Over
Batsman / Bowler limits
Target (Run/Over)
and manny more…


Team / Players
Cricket Seasons


Wagon Wheel
Bowling Line and Length
Match report
Team/Player stats.
Tournament report


Bluetooth (Match/Team/Player)
Match data via Email
Match report in PDF format
Scorecard for website in HTML
CSV/XLS – ball by ball data


ECB’s Play-Cricket (UK only)
Twitter / WhatsApp / Telegram
Match Report

Screen Shots

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does nxCricket work on iPhones?

nxCricket-hd is designed for iPads, please see nxCricket (touch here) for iPhones.

Can I score a match without Internet access?


In UK, do you support ECB’s Play-Cricket?

Yes, we do allow fixtures to be downloaded (incl. players) and results to be uploaded, subject to availability of play-cricket.com.

Does the app support social messaging?

Yes, we support Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram for sending the latest/live scores during a match.